Fluorocarbon Fluke/Flounder Sea Bass Fishing Rig

Fluke Fishing Rigs Fluorocarbon Hi LoWelcome to Fishing Rigs Tied. We Make top Quality Hi-Lo Fluorocarbon Fishing Rigs for Fluke/Flounder, Sea Bass, Porgy and any other fishing on the East Coast. Click here to view our top Selling Fluorocarbon Rig for Fluke and Sea Bass Fishing
Fluke Fishing Rigs Fluorocarbon Hi -Lo.

Our Hi-Lo (High Low) Fishing Rigs catch every fish from Fluke and Flounder to Sea Bass, Porgy, Striped Bass, Blue Fish, Blackfish, Trigger Fish and many other species of fish in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. View our rigs?

Fishing Rigs Made With Top Quality Tackle

Ahi-lo-fluke-fishing-rigll of our Hi-Lo Fluorocarbon Fishing Rigs for Fluke/Flounder, Sea Bass, Porgy are made with all the best tackle to increase your chances of hooking into the fish of your dreams. We use 100 percent Flurocarbon Fishing line in the 30 pound class. On the top loop we have added a Sea Striker Spinner blade attached to a clevis and two beads which allows the spinner blade to flutter like crazy and attracts and fish that is in the area. The bottom loop is big enough to use for any sized bucktail or if the current gets to strong you can use and size sinker as well.

We recommend that you use the lightest size bucktail that you can get away with on the bottom loop and top both hooks with either artifical bait like Gulp! Alive or you can add any bait dead or alive.

Why Use Fluorocarbon For Fluke Or Sea Bass?

berkley-pro-spec-100-fluorocarbon-leadersLow-visiliby, sensitive and more

Once limited to extreme duty as saltwater leader material, fluorocarbon fishing line has in recent years become a popular option for anglers in many situations.

Fluoro’s newfound favor is fueled in part by advancements in performance characteristics, which—depending on your personal preferences—can make it the best fishing line for a number of applications. Learn about all the benefits of Fluorocarbon Line for Fluke or Seabass fishing here. Want to learn even more benefits of Fluorocarbon fishing line click here to visit Berkley Fishing.

Fluke Fishing Rigs Fluorocarbon Hi Lo

Only The best Hooks For Our Hi-Lo Rigs

gamakatsu fishing hooksWe use only top quality brand new Gamakatsu hooks for all of our rigs. Gamakatsu’s most versatile hook, the Gamakatsu Octopus Hook has long been known for its durability and strength. We offer the best Fluke Fishing Rigs Fluorocarbon Hi Lo.

The Octopus hook comes in size 4/0 hook and is the perfect size for catching a doormat fluke, a knucklehead head Sea Bass, A dinner plate sized porgy, A Hog of a Tog Blackfish, A monster Bluefish or even a Cow Striped Bass, on your next fishing trip. For more Information on Gamakatsu hooks visit their website by clicking here.

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